Easter Eggs and Callbacks in “The Iron Throne”


The Game of Thrones series finale has come and gone. Today, we’re mining “The Iron Throne” for all the callbacks and Easter eggs you may have missed, and a bunch you probably didn’t. So, for the final time, let’s dig into the episode and see what we can find.

First up: If you think the final scene of Jon and the wildlings exciting Castle Black and heading north of the Wall was familiar, then you’ve got a great memory.

"[SPOILERS] It ended the same way it started from gameofthrones"

At the end of the episode, Brienne became Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, a job richly deserved. Anyone notice the Three-Eyed Raven on her armor? King Bran has been making adjustments.

"[SPOILERS] I really like how they implemented this on the kings guard’s armor from gameofthrones"

Sticking with Brienne, while turning the through the pages of the White Book, her happened upon the page for Lord Commander Duncan the Tall, whom George R.R. Martin has confirmed is her ancestor.

Remember Dany’s dream in the House of the Undying in season 2, when she walked through a ruined throne room? Well, it came true in “The Iron Throne,” only that wasn’t snow falling around her: it was ash.

At least she got to touch the Iron Throne this time.

"[SPOILERS] season 2 vs season 8 from gameofthrones"

During their conversation, Daenerys told Jon that as a child she imagined the Iron Throne as being a pile of swords a mile high. That’s pretty close to how George R.R. Martin likes to imagine it. This is his favorite illustration of the throne, rendered by artist Marc Simonetti:

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When Jon drove a dagger into Daenerys’ heart, it was the second time he held his love as the life drained from her.

That is a horrible habit, Jon.

“Love is the death of duty,” Jon told Tryion before he did it. He got that phrase from Maester Aemon, his great uncle, all the way back in the first season:

People were very upset when Jon didn’t pet Ghost as he was leaving Winterfell in “The Last of the Starks.” But his cuddle in “The Iron Throne” gave us all kinds of feels:

Is this sprig of grass growing just north of the Wall a shoutout to the presumed final book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dream of Spring?

Sansa is really beginning to look like her mother Catelyn.

"[No Spoilers] I love how much Sansa resembles her mother Catelyn from gameofthrones"

I love that Sam has the completed version of Maester Ebrose’s book and that he took Sam’s advice about the name change.

"[SPOILERS] A nice callback to 07×02 in the season finale from gameofthrones"

Sam’s comment about Tyrion not being included was a callback, too. Varys basically told Tyrion this would happen right ater the Battle of the Blackwater:

Hopefully the work will be its own reward.

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