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Game of Thrones may be over, but its legacy will live on through its hauntingly beautiful music, brought to life by the extremely talented Ramin Djawadi. He has been the driving force behind eight seasons of sonic delight and I can’t stress how sad I am that his GOT days are over (his music lives on in Westworld, thank goodness).

According to an HBO press release, the Game of Thrones season 8 soundtrack is now available to purchase digitally as well as on streaming. If you’re eager to listen to the full soundtrack, click here to access it via various streaming platforms. If you’re looking to acquire a physical copy, a double CD will be released July 19. A vinyl copy is coming later this year.


Chicago White Sox Game Of Thrones Direwolf Bobblehead
Chicago White Sox Game Of Thrones Direwolf Bobblehead /

Chicago White Sox Game Of Thrones Direwolf Bobblehead

Buy Now!

Buy Now!

The Game of Thrones season 8 soundtrack contains 32 tracks, including the iconic “The Night King,” which played over Arya taking down the man himself. I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to that track; it’s the best nine minutes to ever exist. In fact, after the episode, the track topped climbed the charts and settled at #2 on Billboard’s Top TV Songs for the month of April.

Djawadi made a statement about about the new release:

"The music for season eight concludes the story arc of Game of Thrones. Though it’s tough to say goodbye to the series, I hope this soundtrack transports the listener back to the world of Westeros.  It’s been such an honor to be a part of this incredible show for the past eight years."

And it’s been an honor to have you, Mr. Ramin Djawadi!

Check out the tracklist for the season 8 soundtrack below:

  • Main Title
  • The Rains of Castamere performed by Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian
  • Arrival at Winterfell
  • Flight of Dragons
  • Heir to the Throne
  • Jenny of Oldstones
  • A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
  • The Battle of Winterfell
  • The Dead are Already Here
  • Battle for the Skies
  • The Long Night Pt. 1
  • The Long Night Pt. 2
  • The Night King
  • Dead Before the Dawn
  • Not Today
  • Farewell
  • Outside the Gates
  • The Bells
  • The Last War
  • Into the Fire
  • For Cersei
  • Believe
  • Stay a Thousand Years
  • Nothing Else Matters
  • Master of War
  • Be with Me
  • The Iron Throne
  • Break the Wheel
  • You Have a Choice
  • The White Book
  • The Last of the Starks
  • A Song of Ice and Fire

And remember, you can listen to the whole thing here!

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