Tyrion WAS mentioned in Ebrose’s book! Check out the props from “The Iron Throne”


HBO’s Making Game of Thrones blog has been slowly rolling out glimpses behind the scenes of the series finale, “The Iron Throne.” This week, it showcased two props from the episode: Archmaester Ebrose’s A Song of Ice and Fire book, which Sam showed off during that final Small Council scene, and the Book of Brothers, where the deeds of all the Kingsguard past and present are recorded.

First up: Ebrose’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Notice the raised etching on the leather cover is the same design that adorns the astrolabe in the Game of Thrones intro:

Inside, Archmaester Ebrose recorded such things as the Lannister family tree…contrary to what Sam said, it looks like Tyrion was mentioned in the book after all.

I mean, kind of. Does inclusion on a family tree count as “mentioned”?

Also, it’s interesting to see which characters have crowns atop their names. Robert, Cersei and Joffrey all ruled Westeros, while Sansa became Queen in the North. I bet Tommen’s name is just above Myrcella’s.


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Next, we have Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Jaime Lannister’s pages in the Book of Brothers:

Have a closer look at Jaime’s page:

I love the detail in the House sigil — it almost looks raised and rendered in red and gold velvet.

Remember what Jaime told Brienne back in Episode 404, “Oathkeeper”: “It’s the duty of the Lord Commander to fill those pages, and there’s still room in mine.” In “The Iron Throne,” we actually get to see what Brienne wrote about him.

It’s neat little details like this that will make me miss Game of Thrones the most.

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