Torchwood: Two spin-off box sets announced for 2019 and 2020

Now that Series Six is over, here’s what else we can look forward to from the Torchwood universe over the next year…

Saturday 22nd of June was Big Finish Day, which meant that, along with fans getting to meet their favorite actors, writers and other major people at Big Finish, there were also a huge number of announcements made, for many of their ranges. Unsurprisingly, this included one or two major announcements for Torchwood. Nothing for Series Seven (which isn’t surprising, as Series Six literally ended just this week), but we do have a couple of other releases to look forward to.

First of all, in September this year, we can look forward to another volume in the prequel series Torchwood One. Set before the original organization’s destruction in Doctor Who episodes Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, the series stars Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones.

As a huge fan of both characters, naturally, I rather love this series. So I’m really excited to find out that, following previous releases Before the Fall and Machines, we can look forward to another exciting installment in the series. Here’s the description of the third volume, Latter Days:

Torchwood One continue to save the world – and most importantly, the Empire – from alien threats.

3.1 Retirement Plan by Gareth David-Lloyd

Torchwood’s Head of Alien Acquisitions is retiring. But there’s something very wrong in the idyll of El Cielo. And it’s going to kill Ianto.

3.2. Locker 15 by Matt Fitton

A mysterious force is wiping out Torchwood, and the only person who can save London is a cleaner called Dave.

3.3 The Rockery by Tim Foley

Anne Hartman has retired to the country, which comes as a surprise to her daughter. Has Yvonne met a problem even she can’t solve?

Last year, Torchwood in the 1950s was explored in Goodbye Piccadilly. Following the success of that story, 2020 will see the start of a brand new spin-off: Torchwood Soho…
(Photo credit: Torchwood/Big Finish Productions.
Image obtained from: Big Finish Productions.)

Torchwood Soho

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we can also look forward to Torchwood Soho. Set even earlier than Torchwood One, the new series will star Dirk Gently‘s Samuel Barnett as Norton Folgate and Tom Price as Andy Davidson.

Soho follows the success of previous releases featuring Norton, the seemingly eccentric Torchwood agent who’s always working to his own agenda. The series seems to be particularly inspired by last year’s release Goodbye Piccadilly, in which Norton dragged his friend Andy back in time to Soho in the 1950s. It was a fantastic story, and I’m actually rather excited that the world we very briefly saw in this episode will be explored further in the new spin-off.

Here’s what we can expect in the series:

Gangsters are vanishing from the streets of Soho, there’s a deadly Nazi secret on the loose, and something’s moving in the smog. Norton Folgate should be sorting this out, but the Torchwood agent is in disgrace. Who’s going to save London this time?

This sounds like a very promising and very exciting release, especially since it’s written by James Goss, who also wrote Goodbye Piccadilly. We’ll have to wait considerably longer for this one however, as it won’t be released until June 2020. Still, I expect it’ll be worth the wait!

Are you excited about either of these upcoming box sets? Which one are you looking forward to more? Have you listened to previous releases featuring Yvonne Hartman or Norton Folgate? Let us know in the comments below.