See the stars’ curtain calls in “Game of Thrones: Last Day on Set”


Over the past week, we’ve seen a number of clips from a behind-the-scenes video showing Game of Thrones stars during their last days on sets. With thanks to @ThePixelFactor, it looks like most of these clips have come from an aptly named video titled, “Game of Thrones: Last Day on Set.” Mystery solved!

It’s from HBO Asia, and it’s a keeper. Watch below:

It’s very cool that storyboard artist Will Simpson made something special for the cast members to be presented on their last days. Here’s what everybody got, so far as I can tell:

  • Alfie Allen’s last day was the funeral scene at Winterfell, where he played Theon’s corpse.
  • Peter Dinklage’s last scene was him walking through the ruins of King’s Landing. “This was so nice to come to every year,” he said. “I looked forward to coming back here to Belfast and seeing my family again, my Game of Thrones family.” His
  • We don’t see Jerome Flynn’s last day on set, but his storyboard is of the scene where Bronn shoots Drogon with a scorpion in “The Spoils of War.” Great choice!
  • Daniel Portman gets a storyboard of the scene where Podrick visits the brothel in King’s Landing, which is…a choice.
  • Obviously Carice van Houten wraps during the shoot for “The Long Night,” because that was the only episode Melisandre was in this season. “It was a really emotional moment that I didn’t see coming, really,” she said. can’t quite tell what storyboard she got. Can anybody make it out?
  • Conleth Hill gets a storyboard of the scene where Varys reveals he had the sorcerer who castrated him shipped to Westeros in a box. What do you think happened to that guy? Nothing good.
  • Jacob Anderson got the scene where Grey Worm snuck into Casterly Rock.
  • Bella Ramsey got the scene where Lyanna Mormort killed a giant, because of course she did.
  • Like Dinklage, Kit Harington also wrapped in the ruins of King’s Landing. For his storyboard, he got the scene where Jon Snow faces down the charging Bolton cavalry, which is among the most visually stirring moments of the series. “Thank for you being Jon Snow,” showrunner D.B. Weiss says as he presents the actor with the storyboard. “And thank you more than that for being you.” Aw.
  • Emilia Clarke gets the last scene from the season 1 finale, where Daenerys’ dragons are born. Kudos to Weiss for remembering her whole, very long name.
  • Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson didn’t have to do a ton of acting during his time on the show, but he still got a storyboard: the moment from Qyburn presents the new-and-improved Mountain to Cersei after her Walk of Shame.
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wrapped on the scene where Jaime and Euron fought outside the Red Keep. “This was probably the toughest part to cast on the whole show,” says showrunner David Benioff. “Because Jaime Lannister — he’s supposed to be the best-looking man in Westeros, but also really smart [and] funny. And when actors [who have] all those things tend to be already be really famous, and we couldn’t afford anyone [like that].” Unfortunately, I can’t quite make out what storyboard he got.
  • Lena Headey gets the scene where Cersei is crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Aw, Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) sounds chocked up as he wraps outside Winterfell. I don’t think they showed his storyboard.
  • Nathalie Emmanuel gets the scene where Missandei smiles a sly smile right after Daenerys accepts her into her employment. “All men must die. But we are not men.”
  • John Bradley gets the scene where Sam Tarly kills a White Walker back on his way down to the Wall with Gilly back in season 3.
  • Maisie Williams, who like a couple of other cast members wraps in the wreckage of King’s Landing, gets the scene where Arya kills the Night King. Good show.
  • Apparently, Gwendoline Christie was among the easiest actors on the show to cast. She wraps on the scene in the Dragonpit where Bran is chosen king, and gets a storyboard of the scene where Jaime knights her, which in my mind was the only option.
  • Isaac Hempstead Wright also wraps at the Dragonpit, and gets the scene where Jaime pushes Bran out a window, the scene that started it all. And I love seeing Bran just bound out of his wheelchair to give David Benioff a hug.
  • As we saw, Sophie Turner got pretty weepy when she wraps at the Dragonpit. For her storyboard, she gets the scene where Sansa is crowned Queen in the North.
  • Man, Weiss really rains down compliments on Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane). It looks like he wraps on the scene from the series finale where Tormund and Jon Snow go beyond the Wall. Not sure what storyboard he got.

And finally, the crew give Benioff and Weiss a pair of “magic” clapboards. I say again: aw.


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That’s not quite all the cast members. We didn’t see what storyboard Hannah Murray (Gilly) or or Joe Dempsie (Gendry) got, but we have to leave some mysteries for the ages.

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