Game of Thrones stuntman sues over injury from the Massacre at Hardhome

Game of Thrones has produced some epic battle scenes over its eight seasons, perhaps none more stunning than season 5’s Massacre at Hardhome. Teams of stunt performers brought us a heart-pounding clash between the living and the dead, but one of those performers is now suing Fire & Blood Productions Ltd, the production company behind the series, after sustaining an injury during filming, according to The Sun.

According to court paper work, Andy Pilgrim, 41, alleges that during the climatic finish to the battle, he and a number of other stunt performers dressed as undead wights were “perched on ledges at the back of a 16-foot-high panel of stockade fencing” when the injury occurred. We’re assuming the inciting incident was the collapse of the gate Tormund and company defend, as seen below:

Pilgrim, who is seeking £200,000 (around $254,000), alleges that the section of barricade was supposed to be lowered mechanically, but instead the wall fell in an “uncontrolled” manner, resulting in Pilgrim breaking his ankle after landing on a “hard and uneven surface.” As a result, Pilgrim is no longer able to perform “jumping” or “heavy impact” stunts, according to his lawyer  Stephen Friday. “He will remain unable to perform stunts requiring jumping or other heavy impact and he will be unable to run more than about a mile.”

Jonathan Bellamy, lawyer for Fire & Blood Productions Ltd, defended his client with Tywin Lannister-like vigor, quickly pointing out that Pilgrim participated in a full rehearsal beforehand:

None of the stunt performers including Mr Pilgrim raised any query or concern. Mr Pilgrim knew, or ought to have known, that he should not try to land the impact of the stunt section but should ride the descent and roll forward on to the ground. The injuries were caused either by pure accident or by Mr Pilgrim’s failure to execute the straightforward and uncomplicated stunt properly and with the skill and care of a reasonably competent stunt performer.

Ouch. Bellamy further points out that Pilgrim continued to work on further episodes of the series without raising any injury concerns. No trial date has been set.

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