Lena Headey plays with Jaime’s golden hand behind the scenes of Game of Thrones

Welcome to the morning. Are you sleepy? Are you weary? Has the coffee not kicked in yet? Do you need a reminder for why you got out of bed? Well, I can’t give you any of that — it sounds like you need to work on you, frankly — but I can offer you this image from behind the scenes of Game of Thrones, where Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) is using her onscreen brother’s fake golden hand to store prunes:

As Nikolaj Coster-Waldau says in his Instagram post, this is actually from a new show called “Fruity Hand of the Queen.” Where can I watch?

If you keep clicking through you’ll see that Headey put Cersei’s crown on top of the prune-filled hand prop. They didn’t stand on ceremony on that show.

I wonder what scene this was from. Obviously season 7 or 8; based on nothing but my gut feeling, I think it might be the scene in Cersei’s quarters before she and her crew went down to treat with Daenerys Targaryen in the Dragonpit.

As long as we’re looking at interesting behind-the-scenes photos involving Jaime’s missing hand, did you ever see this one of Coster-Waldau getting put into hair and makeup on the set of season 3, right after Jaime loses his sword hand?

I need an adult.

But seriously, I’m upset they decided not to go the route where Jaime is a three-armed monster.

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