Another key Game of Thrones crew member joins the prequel, and more set details


What’s happening on the set of Blood Moon, HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel show? Well, let’s find out.

The short answer is that the cast and crew are still filming the pilot for the highly anticipated followup to one of the most successful shows of all time. But there are enough new details to be worth mentioning.

For example, one fan snapped a photo of Naomi Liston, who worked on Game of Thrones for its entire run, working her way up from assistant locations manager to plain old locations manager. You may remember her from The Last Watch where she cursed up a storm and won my heart.

Liston isn’t the only Game of Thrones crew member to hop aboard Blood Moon. Horse mistress Mistress Camilla Naprous is also working on the new show, and why not? The first one worked out pretty well for them.

Really, we wouldn’t be surprised if a critical mass of Game of Thrones crew members was making the jump to Blood Moon. After all the address of the show’s production company, Endless Winter Productions, is the same as the production company behind Game of Thrones, Fire & Blood Productions. There’s a lot of shared DNA between these two shows, which makes perfect sense.

Also of interest: fun new lighting equipment on the set at Titanic Studios:

Lighting is important. It’s dark in the past.

There’s also a new orange mammoth sign outside Titanic Studios. As the pink “GoT” signs used to denote that Game of Thrones was in town, this is the symbol that the Blood Moon production is around:

One more set photo: from this angle, we can see inside the Paint Hall at Titanic Studios and just make out some kind of stone arch. Blood Moon may be set thousands of years before the mainline show, but they still knew their way around a pile of bricks:

Finally, The Extras Department, a company long used by HBO to find extras for Game of Thrones, has put out a call for a blonde-haired baby girl:

There’s no guarantee this call is for Blood Moon, but usually The Extras Department isn’t shy about discussing the kind of film or show they’re casting, whereas here they are largely silent. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this is 100% for Blood Moon and the little girl is definitely playing Lann the Clever. I’ll just call it now and beat the rush.


San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner Game Of Thrones Night's Watch Bobblehead
San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner Game Of Thrones Night's Watch Bobblehead /

San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner Game Of Thrones Night's Watch Bobblehead

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Blood Moon is coming.

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