See behind-the-scenes stunt footage of Drogon lighting people on fire


Vladimír Furdík, the man who played the Night King on Game of Thrones, shared some hot (quite literally) behind-the-scenes on his newly minted Twitter account, footage of extras playing Lannister soldiers getting set on fire during Daenerys Targaryen’s rampage through King’s Landing. We’ll never quite forget the chills we got as Dany sat up on Drogon and unleashed holy hell; it was frightening stuff.

It’s just as spine-tingling when viewed before special effects are added. Watch this clip shared by Furdík. The first part is horrifying — can you imagine being in the center of that inferno? — but of course, this is professional film set, so the next thing you here is someone yelling, “Stop, Drop, and Roll” (I think) as other people rush in to douse the flames:

Still, it’s a bit haunting, isn’t it?

Most Game of Thrones fans know Furdík as the Night King, but he also served as an invaluable stuntman on the set. It’s no wonder he has this kind of footage.


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Here’s another clip of the same scene, this time filmed closer to the ground. It’s 22 men burning, and five of them weren’t even wearing masks. Say what?!

Say what you want about season 8, but no one can deny that their production quality was the best we’ve ever seen. They literally burned for us, guys!

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