Pics from the filming Game of Thrones prequel reveals a ship with a mysterious sigil


Filming on the Game of Thrones prequel, Blood Moon, is well underway in Gaeta, Italy, and photos from set are beginning to surface. Case in point, earlier today, we brought you a photo of Naomi Watts in full costume and wig, being ushered around the Grotta del Turco near Gaeta — a gorgeous natural divide in the rock that makes up the coastline.

The Grotta del Turco looks like the perfect stand-in for Casterly Rock, the ancient seat of House Casterly before it was the home to House Lannister, and thanks to Twitter’s GoTlike Locations, we’ve got more photos to share with you.

Check out this boat with an ornate piece engraved with what could be the direwolves of House Stark:

Here’s the same boat later, with extras in costume, and the standard at the bow showing what could be an early House Stark sigil…or not.

Here’s the thing: That sigil looks more feline in its features, meaning it could be the standard for House Casterly. Legend has it that Corlos (the first Lord Casterly) killed a lioness that had been troubling his village, but did not kill its cubs. Because he spared the lion cubs, The gods showed favor on him and led him to a massive vein of gold.


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So, seeing as how the Grotta del Turco is likely the location for Casterly Rock, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for the sigil of that ancient house to be a lioness. In fact, we’ve seen lion statues on set in Belfast at Titanic Studios. This is just speculation, of course, so take it with a grain of salt.

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