Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn shoots down rumors of on-set tension


Jerome Flynn was at Con of Thrones this past weekend, delighting everyone with his sense of humor and insights into his time as Bronn on Game of Thrones. One of the highlights of the convention was his main stage interview, and you can watch it below!

Here’s a game: how many double entendre did Flynn drop? Get counting:

Flynn covered a lot of topics, including how he felt about the series coming to an end. “I’m glad they didn’t kind of milk it and carry on,” he said. “I know there’s lots of mixed opinions about the last season, but I still think they did a pretty good job, actually.” As for his part in season 8, you can rest assured that, at least according to Flynn, Bronn wasn’t really going to kill Tyrion with that crossbow. “I think he had a real soft spot for Tyrion…I think he saw himself there. He was an underdog and he had to really fight for himself…Tyrion and Bronn had quite a lot of crossover there.”

Amusingly, Flynn does think Bronn might have killed Jaime if given the opportunity. After all, who promises you a castle and then hightails it for the North without so much as a text?


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All that said, one of the most interesting parts of the interview came when an audience member asked Flynn about the long-standing rumor that Flynn and Lena Headey (Cersei) couldn’t be in a scene together because of bad blood left over from a romantic relationship they once had. It’s not the world’s most tasteful question, and more than a few boos from the audience. But at least Flynn got a chance to set the record straight:

"We were actually in the same scene together, and the last time I saw Lena we were speaking, so I wouldn’t believe everything you read. Like I said, they can get pretty desperate for stories. Lena’s a wonderful person and a wonderful actress."

Some other highlights:

  • Although he quickly came around, Flynn was wary of the idea of Game of Thrones at first. “With all respect, I thought Americans doing medieval European history could turn out not so well.”
  • Flynn auditioned with the scene where Tyrion asks Bronn if he would kill a baby and Bronn implies that he would if the price was right. But again, Flynn doesn’t think Bronn would actually go through with it. “He wasn’t a baby killer.”
  • What is Bronn’s last name? “I think Bronn’s his second name. I think his first name’s James.”
  • Although he didn’t see it himself, Flynn recalls that some of the cast members at one point got to watch the original, unaired pilot, and came back “ashen-faced.”
  • Flynn found the scene where Stannis burns Shireen among the most shocking to watch, which, same.

It was great seeing Flynn speak his peace in person! Love live Bronn, the realm’s new Master of Coin.

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