Alfie Allen comments on Game of Thrones backlash, Theon-Sansa shipping


Alfie Allen is among the many Game of Thrones cast and crew members up for Emmy awards for their work on season 8. For allen, it’s long overdue. This guy has been killing it year-in-year-out, turning in scene after spellbinding scene while still flying relatively under the radar, so far as Game of Thrones stars go. No more! We’re pulling for him.

Naturally, Allen is making the rounds and talking about his first-ever Emmy nomination, but he’s also weighing in on other topics, like the blowback the final season of the show received online. Does he see the show’s record number of Emmys noms as vindicating? “I don’t really see the controversy,” Allen told Entertainment Weekly. “It was a great rounding-up of familiar relationships at the core of it.”

Speaking of relationships, more than a few fans thought they saw sparks flying between Theon and Sansa after they reunited at Winterfell. First there was that emotional hug, and then they shared some soup, and then Sansa pinned a Stark pin on Theon’s chest after he died…I see where the shippers are coming from. Does Allen?

"I didn’t even know that was being spoken about! It was probably just the soup. The soup was great, we were probably just into the soup."

Once again, soup starts another romance.

Finally, Allen talked about his final scene, where he bought charged at the Night King in defense of Bran. He died, but hopefully he bought Arya enough time to shimmy up behind and land the killing blow on the King of Winter. “It was great as I got to do it with [star Isaac Hempstead Wright], who I did my first scene ever with on Thrones, really,” Allen said. “I remember coming around Bran’s bed in the first season — we shot episode 3 before the first — then I ended it with him. [Theon] has gone through that whole journey and come around, so the redemption was great. And to do it in the Godswood as well, it’s such a symbolic place for Game of Thrones. I loved it.”

A battle in the godswood? Surely not.


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Anyway, we’ll be rooting for Allen when the Primetime Emmy award winners are announced on Fox on September 22!

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