Stranger Things season 4 to begin filming in October?

STRANGER THINGS season 3 production still. Photo: Netflix
STRANGER THINGS season 3 production still. Photo: Netflix /

Netflix has yet to officially announce a fourth season of Stranger Things, but after the success of the third, we all know it’s coming. But when?

Enter Production Weekly, an industry rag that bills itself as “the entertainment industry’s leading source for tracking upcoming film and TV production data.” According to the Thursday, July 18th issue, the fourth season of Stranger Things is set to film in October of this year.

Fans had to wait nearly two years between seasons 2 and 3 of Stranger Things, so I’m not surprised that Netflix is hoping to try and close the gap this time around. (Also, the young cast members aren’t going to stay kids forever, so there’s that to consider.) With an October shoot looming, hopefully that means we’ll see season 4 in 2020. The last two seasons have been released on holidays: season 2 on Halloween and season 3 on Independence Day. Stranger Things season 4 on Christmas 2020?

The quick turnaround kind of contradicts recent comments from executive producer Shawn Levy about Stranger Things taking a long time to produce because of the high level of authorial control, but hopefully they’ve found a way to have their cake and eat it too. Of course, if they have, I have to wonder why the Stranger Things team and/or Netflix hasn’t made an official renewal announcement yet? With rumors/news/speculation already out there, now seems like the time to do it.

Much of this curiosity and anxiety about season 4 is due in part to how season 3 ended. (If you haven’t seen it yet, turn away lest you be exposed to SPOILERS!)


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We have so many questions. Is Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) gone for good? Who is the “American” in the Russian base? The sooner we get an official confirmation about a season 4 renewal, the sooner our restless hearts will be at ease.

In other Stranger Things (sort of) news, this past weekend, Marvel caused all sorts of ruckus when it revealed its plans for Phase 4 of its Marvel Cinematic Universe. That includes a solo Black Widow movie scheduled for May of 2020. As it happens, David Harbour will be in that movie as a character named Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian. Considering how the affable Russian scientist Alexei pretty much stole every scene he was in from Stranger Things 3, the internet was quick to point out the irony:

How perfect is that?

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