Would Ramin Djawadi return to score a Game of Thrones prequel?


The Game of Thrones opening theme has already entered the pantheon of iconic TV theme songs. That’s all due to composer Ramin Djawadi. He’s used his Game of Thrones notoriety to jump to shows like Westworld and even go on tour to perform music from GoT.

But now that Game of Thrones is over, what’s next for Djawadi? Boston.com asked if he’d be interested in working on any of HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series.

“It’s too early to talk about it, really,” Djawadi said. “But we’ll see what happens.” He’s right, of course; it is too early. As Boston.com notes, the music usually comes in towards the end of a production, when there are nearly completed episodes, so the score can match the kind of story being told. HBO is currently filming a pilot for a Game of Thrones prequel called Blood Moon, which so far as we know doesn’t yet have a series order.

In other words, the question is premature, but Djawadi definitely sounds open to the possibility of coming back. He also noted the importance of continuity in terms of music for season 8:

"I always wanted to push the score forward and let the story guide it. My task [in season 8] was: How could I make the existing themes work but also incorporate something different, something new, evolve existing themes while introducing new ones?"

Presumably, if he were to score Blood Moon, he’d have to do something similar, since House Stark, at least, will be making an appearance. We may also get House Casterly, the predecessors to House Lannister. So Djawadi couldn’t use “The Rains of Castamere,” because that refers specifically to events that took place in Tywin Lannister’s time. But could a leitmotif like it make an appearance? Certainly. Whoever scores the show will have plenty of references they can make to the mother show, musically speaking.


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And if Djawadi comes back, he already knows intimately what’s been done and what could be done to make something like Blood Moon musically related without being a copy of the music of Game of Thrones. It’d be a dream for him to come back, honestly.

Before all this, though, he’s up for another Emmy this year thanks to his composing efforts for “The Long Night.”

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