Arya Stark destroys the Death Star, and other funnies


Game of Thrones fans, are you in the mood for a little  pick me up? Don’t worry–we got you.

First, let Reddit take you to an alternate universe where a young Arya Stark, bored at Robert’s Baratheon’s Winterfell feast, decides to pass the time by flinging food at her sister Sansa, but by feeding a dwarf, killing a man on The Walking Dead, blowing up the Death Star, and so on:

"[No Spoilers] Game of Throwns | Starting Arya Stark from gameofthrones"

Kudos to lRevenant for putting together this little montage.

Stick with Reddit, rarykos has spent time since the Battle of Winterfell putting together a little animatic showing how the fight proceeded from a bird’s eye view. Take a look:

"[Spoilers] I wanted to make a Winterfell battle simulator after The Long Night, here’s how it turned out! from gameofthrones"

Clearly, the dragon is the most powerful unit on the board. We request a full version with Zombie Viserion on the map!


Jon Snow Crest Funko Pop! T-Shirt from Game of Thrones
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Jon Snow Crest Funko Pop! T-Shirt from Game of Thrones

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Finally, in the Netherlands, a very special watercraft took first prize in a decorative boat contest. Check out how Daenerys, the Night King, and others might spend their time if they could take a break from all the warring and enjoy some time on a pleasure barge:

"[No spoilers] Game of Thrones themed Flower Corso Boat (took 1st place) from gameofthrones"

The music blasting through is a nice touch.

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