Natalia Tena (Osha) REALLY didn’t like the ending of Game of Thrones

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It’s no secret that a subset of Game of Thrones fans were less than happy with the show’s eighth and final season. But while season 8 cast members have largely defended the ending against its detractors, former cast member Natalia Tena (Osha) has a very different take.

In fact, her anger was so strong it drove her boyfriend from their house boat…or at least that’s how I’m reading her appearance on Yahoo’s White Wine Question Time podcast.

"I was a few glasses of wine in when I watched it. I’d binge-watched the whole thing, but I ended up… my boyfriend had to leave the boat because I was ranting for an hour at him about how much I didn’t like it. And then I rang my friend to rant to him."

Or maybe they were just on a boat to watch the finale? You know, Rory McCann (the Hound) also spends a lot of time on his boat. What is with Game of Thrones cast members and boats?

Okay, we’re getting distracted. Anyway, Tena had more to say:

"I liked it to the bit where she [Arya] stabs him [the Night King] in the heart. I liked it up to then. But after that, I just feel like… I just didn’t understand. The calibre of writing towards the end and the plots and everything that happens and how they wrapped it up compared to any other season, any other bit, it just feels like it’s been written by different people. It doesn’t make sense, for me."

Mileage varies, but speaking for myself, I agree with a lot of what Tena has to say here. Watching Arya turn the Night King into a pile of ice cubes was a stand-and-cheer moment, but it was ultimately a rose among thorns for me.


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But let’s be clear: Tena considers the series to be over. She’s certainly not among those calling for season 8 to be remade. “It’s done,” she clarified said. “I don’t think I’d go as far as petition. I think they had to end it. [But] I don’t understand why they made those choices.”

Also, same.

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