Presidential candidate compares herself to Melisandre for…some reason?


Anybody following the 2020 presidential race? Yes, it’s already started. The Democrats are currently in primary season, weeding out contenders until they choose one to nominate next year. One of the most colorful to emerge so far has been Marianne Williamson, a self-help guru who has made some…unorthodox statements up on the debate stage.

She has a lot of serious things to say, too, I’m sure, but for better or worse Williamson has become known as something of a loopy outlier fighting to stay in the race even as the field thins. And I gotta say, she’s not really helping reputation with Instagram posts like this:

"Hey, everyone! We need to get back into “Please send at least $1” mode now. We need 27,000 more unique donors by August 28 in order to make it into the third debate in Houston next month. Some pundits keep saying I won’t make it, but we will! Please use your network of friends and colleagues, social media and all other available resources to get the word out and the money in :)"

So…let me get this straight. Marianne Williamson wants to get enough unique donations so she qualifies to take part in the third Democratic primary debate this September, and she thinks the best way to do that is to post an image of herself as Melisandre from Game of Thrones, during the scene where the Red Woman burns a young child at the stake. And this will lead to political success…how?

Maybe it’s all part of Marianne Williamson’s ineffable charm. Anyway, Twitter has thoughts. Doesn’t it always?

Weirdly, this isn’t the first time Game of Thrones has intersected with the office of the president. Back in the day, President Obama got to watch some episodes before they aired, and President Trump has kicked up some dust by coopting the show’s slogans.


George Brett Kansas City Royals Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Legends Bobblehead
George Brett Kansas City Royals Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Legends Bobblehead /

George Brett Kansas City Royals Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Legends Bobblehead

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Another year and change of this. Hooray.

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