Doctor Who: Jacob Dudman to narrate The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles

In February 2020, four new Doctor Who audio adventures will be told focusing on the Twelfth Doctor, with impressionist Jacob Dudman narrating and voicing the lead role!

For the past few years, Big Finish have given us several volumes of a series called The Doctor Chronicles. Primarily focused on New Series Doctors, these heavily narrated audios have given us stories of the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, albeit without the original actors reprising their roles. For the first release, Nicholas Briggs both narrated and voiced the Ninth Doctor, while for the two later volumes, impressionist Jacob Dudman voiced for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.

But those won’t be the only two Doctors that Dudman will be narrating and voicing for. In February 2020, The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles will be released. The box set will feature four stories, the details of only one of which have been announced. Here’s what we can expect from the first story:

1.1. The Charge of the Night Brigade by David Llewellyn.

The Doctor finds himself in the Crimean War in 1855. There’s a strange sickness stalking the streets of Balaklava and it’s up to the Doctor and Mary Seacole to put a stop to it.

Details on the remaining three stories will be announced at a later date.

Jacob Dudman will narrate four brand new stories of the Twelfth Doctor, with Helen Goldwyn directing.
(Photo credit: Doctor Who/Big Finish Productions.
Image obtained from: Big Finish Productions.)

What to expect

Producer Alfie Shaw lets us know what to expect from this upcoming box set.

We’ve got four fabulous stories from amazing writers and the Doctor will be joined by some familiar faces along the way. As to who they might be and what they’ll get up to, well, that’s for another day…

It certainly sounds intriguing. Previous box sets have seen the Tenth Doctor reunited with Sylvia Noble and Lady Christina de Souza, while the Eleventh Doctor had adventures with both Kazran Sardick and Dorium Maldovar. So I’m not surprised that the Twelfth Doctor will be having adventures with familiar characters in his box set, too. Particularly as those guest characters have been played by their original actors.

I’m curious to hear just how strong Dudman’s impression of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor really is. He was definitely brilliant voicing David Tennant’s Doctor, and possibly even better when voicing Matt Smith’s. So I have high expectations for this release.

The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles will be released on CD and download directly from Big Finish’s website.

Are you excited that Big Finish will be exploring deeper into the era of the Twelfth Doctor? Have you listened to previous volumes of The Doctor Chronicles? What do you think of Jacob Dudman’s impressions of each Doctor? Let us know in the comments below.