Sophie Turner surprises Joe Jonas on his birthday, and other celebrity news

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are quite possibly the cutest married couple ever. Every time you think they can’t outdo their own acts of cuteness, they manage. So what did they do this time?

Well, for Joe’s 30th birthday, Sophie Turner surprised him in a big way during a Jonas Brothers concerts, alongside his brothers Kevin and Nick and sister-in-law Danielle Jonas, Kevin’s wife. As thousands of screaming fans sang happy birthday to him, Sophie Turner brought out a cake for her husband on stage.

Have you processed how cute Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are yet? If you need more time, but let’s hit some other celeb news.

Over the weekend, many of you may have been binge-watching the second season of Mindhunter on Netflix and noticed a familiar face in the fourth episode. And don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Reddit-verse was the first to realize that the actor portraying serial killer Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. was none other than Robert Aramayo.

Aramayo? Who the heck is that? Wait for it…

Yes, that’s right! Aramayo is the guy who played young Ned Stark during the fight at the Tower of Joy in season 6!

Honestly, I did not make that connection at all, but it’s pretty cool, isn’t it? You know, apart from the fact that he went from playing the honorable Ned Stark to a serial killer.

Can I just say that the cast of Game of Thrones is quite possibly one of the most philanthropic group of people I’ve ever seen? Recently, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) pledged his support to The Lion’s Share Fund, which seeks to protect wildlife. He recorded a voiceover for one of its promotional videos:

Here’s the official description of what The Lion Share does, from its website:

Through The Lion’s Share, the corporate world can now make a contribution each time an animal appears in their ads, raising money for wildlife conservation, habitats, and animal welfare. A simple way to make a powerful difference.

In other news, Daniel Portman is starring in a new play, The Last King of Scotland, at the Sheffield Theatres in England. According to, Portman is playing the role of a Scottish doctor named Nicholas Garrigan.

I know there’s not, but could we sneak a musical number into this play? I know there’s more where that “Jenny of Oldstones” performance came from.

Finally, over this past weekend, Gemma Whelan attended the Glasgow Film and Comic-Con and spent a great deal of it signing pictures of Yara Greyjoy. It’s funnier when she tells the story:

And Pilou Asbæk takes us inside the pages of Mad Magazine to preview the Greyjoy-vs-Greyjoy lip sync battle that never happened:

Also, look right above the Euron-Yara pic. “Tidying Up With Cersei Lannister”? Not sure I want to see what things spark joy for her.

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