A “Hold the Door” Hodor Funko figure is coming


Game of Thrones is gone forever, but that’s not stopping Funko from making even more collectible figurines of our favorite characters. Case in point: the toy company just announced two new figures: a “Hold the Door” version of Hodor and Lord Commander Brienne of Tarth.

The Brienne Pop! figure is resplendent in her golden Kingsguard armor and is only available through Funko’s exclusive BoxLunch collectibles.

I love the simplicity of Brienne’s armor, as well as small details like her slicked-back blonde hair, King Bran the Broken’s Three-Eyed Raven sigil at the top of her breastplate, and her arm resting on Oathkeeper’s pommel. Just take all my money, Funko.

While adding Ser Brienne to your collection is sure to make you smile, this next one will probably have you in tears: the “Hold the Door” Hodor is adorably terrifying:

You can preorder the sacrificial Hodor now for $27.99, and once you get him in January of 2020, he’s guaranteed to send you into a soul-crushing depression every time you look at him. Seriously though, if I add this guy to my collection, am I an emotionally stunted monster? I don’t think toys are supposed to cause an existential crises.

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