Night King actor takes fans behind the scenes of Hardhome, the Battle of Winterfell and more


Are you familiar with Vladimir Furdik? He played the Night King on Game of Thrones, and served as the show’s stunt coordinator. He also LOVES tweeting behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the set of of the show. If you’re ever feeling nostalgic for Thrones days of yore, Furdik’s Twitter account is the place to be.

Perhaps one of my favorite new posts is one Furdik recently shared of himself in full White Walker makeup and costume stretching out before battling Kit Harington (Jon Snow) back in season 5, during the Massacre at Hardhome. (Remember, Richard Brake was playing the Night King back then.) Check it out, and be transported back in time:

And we remember how that looked on camera. If we don’t, Furdik is here to remind us, alongside another of his notable death scenes:

The moment where Arya kills the Night King is terrific onscreen. It’s somehow even better watching the cast members read that part of the script for the first time:

That GIF is all of us.


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Sticking with season 8, here’s a video from behind the scenes of the burning of King’s Landing, showing off the glorious work of the show’s stunt team:

And while it was nice and toasty in King’s Landing that day, the Night King and his pals were keeping warm during downtime back at Winterfell:

Are those airhorns I hear? CLEGANEBOWL get hype!

For more photos and videos from behind the scenes of the show, check out Vladimir Furdik Twitter feed. Really, you could lose a whole weekend on that thing.

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