Game of Thrones characters reimagined as fashion icons, and other funnies


Take a break in your busy day to laugh a little, won’t you? Everyone else is doing it. Why not amuse yourself with a couple of Game of Thrones-themed funnies, starting with this gaggle of men cosplaying as Tormund Giantsbane at last weekend’s DragonCon in Atlanta, all of them surrounding a woman cosplaying as Brienne:

"[No Spoilers] The Big Woman still here? from gameofthrones"

Just putting it out there, number four is the best cosplayer among the group. He almost had me fooled for the actual Kristofer Hivju.

While we’re talking about Dragoncon cosplay, how creative is this Game of Thrones-meets Tonya Harding getup?

Google it if you don’t get it, and be transported back to the weirdest sports scandal of 1994.


Atlanta Braves Game Of Thrones Direwolf Bobblehead
Atlanta Braves Game Of Thrones Direwolf Bobblehead /

Atlanta Braves Game Of Thrones Direwolf Bobblehead

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I want a neighbor that loves Game of Thrones as much as this one does:

"[NO SPOILERS] I have the best neighbors from gameofthrones"

Game of Thrones fans are truly the best. For proof, I direct you to the gryffindior Instagram account, which takes characters from the show and dresses them in outfits fit for a modern runway. Let’s start with the fall and winter fashions in King’s Landing:

Really digging Jamie Lannister’s scarf choice there.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen sure know how to pull off the Victorian look:

Alright Jorah, we see you with that puffy jacket:

And if we’re talking about winter fashion, we can’t forget this guy:

Nothing like a nice leather jacket to keep you warm during the battle for the fate of humanity.

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