A Song of Dan and Josh: Catelyn II (A Clash of Kings)


After a week off, we’re back with more of A Song of Dan and Josh, where myself and FanSided editorial director Josh Hill walk through each and every chapter of George R.R. Martin’s as-yet unfinished magnum opus, mining it for literary nuggets.

This week, we’re talking through Catelyn II from A Clash of Kings, which contains some important firsts. Watch below!

It got kind of weird there towards the end, after vocabulary came up, but I can’t be held responsible for where Josh’s mind goes.

Is Catelyn right to call Renly’s forces “the knights of summer”? Is Renly right to offer an alliance so long as Robb bends the knee? This is the chapter where we meet Brienne of Tarth. How does she come across in her debut appearance? What do Catelyn’s comments about her tell us about both of their places in Westerosi society? Lots to unpack from this one.

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