A Song of Dan and Josh: Jon III (A Clash of Kings)


Journey with us into the heart of winter on A Song of Dan and Josh, a complete read-through of George R.R. Martin’s painfully incomplete Song of Ice and Fire series!

This week, we’re talking through Jon III from A Clash of Kings. We meet a couple of key characters in this installment, including Craster and Gilly. How’s a bastard boy to muddle through the moral quagmires one encounters after you’ve left civilization behind? Let’s find out:

Martin’s writing is a highlight in this chapter, with a couple of descriptive passages standing out. But the real meat of the chapter involves how Jon deals with a number of difficult choices. The Night’s Watch relies on Craster, but he’s a monster of a man. Would they be better off getting rid of him or avoiding him?


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And what about Gilly? She comes to Jon desperate and asking for help, but he refuses. Why? Can he stay true to his honor as a Night’s Watchmen if he refuses to help people in need?

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Next week, we’re tackling Theon II! What’s the future Ghost in Winterfell doing with himself on Pyke? Join us live on our Facebook page on Wednesday, October 25 at 4:00 p.m. to find out!

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