Witcher actor is in HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel show


The pilot for Blood Moon, a prequel to Game of Thrones set thousands of years before the mainline series, wrapped production a while back — showrunner Jane Goldman is currently cutting it together to show HBO executives, who will then decide if they want to order the thing to series. You’d think that the pilot being in the bag would preclude us from learning anything new about casting, but you’d be wrong.

Watchers on the Wall reports that English actor Tom Canton appeared in the Blood Moon pilot playing a character named “Ham.” Is that the character’s actual name? Is it a code name? Is he literally playing a ham? These are questions we won’t know the answers to unless HBO orders the full show, although it’s probably the second one.

Canton’s CV confirms that he’s a part of Blood Moon, which his CV spells Bloodmoon — the sooner we get confirmation on that, the saner I’ll be. Although he’s not well-known internationally, Canton has an extensive theater background, something he shares in common with a lot of actors on Game of Thrones. His CV also notes that he’s an “excellent sportsman.” Plus he’s 6’4” — I wouldn’t be surprised if he was cast as a warrior of some kind.

Here Canton is talking about a production of Sons Without Fathers he appeared in back in a while back:

Of note, Canton is also in Netflix’s upcoming Witcher series, playing an elf named Filavandrel. Filavandrel appears in a short story from The Last Wish. It’s a sad story; Filavandrel is the leader of a band of elves who have been driven into the mountains by humans taking over their land. Lead character Geralt of Rivia has a run-in with them where it becomes clear that the elves would rather starve and die proud than mix with humans.


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The Witcher will drop on Netflix in a couple months. Blood Moon — or Bloodmoon, or The Long Night, or Game of Thrones Wayback, or whatever it’s called — will hopefully be along next year. Our watch continues.

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