Kit Harington and Gwendoline Christie ate food off Longclaw


This past weekend, both Kit Harington and Gwendoline Christie were in Chicago, talking about the Jon Snow and Brienne of Tarth of it all at the ACE Comic Con.

And when they weren’t greeting their adoring publics, the two of them were seeing the sights in the fair city of Chicago, aka my hometown! That included a stop at the Lincoln Park eatery Alinea, where chef-owner Grant Achatz happens to be a huge Game of Thrones fan. According to his Instagram, he would even quote the show when trying to inspire his team. He loved the show so much that his employees got him a replica of Longclaw, Jon Snow’s sword, as a birthday gift. “When I got it I told them someday we will serve a course on this sword,” he writes.

You can probably guess what happened next. Harington and Christie’s final course at Alinea was served on Longclaw itself.

Apparently, the dish was “Frozen aerated Meyer lemon on a nitro frozen Long Claw Slide.” I don’t know exactly what that means — cold lemons for dessert? — but the point is that the dish came on Longclaw.

Has anyone out there had Frozen aerated Meyer lemon? Is it good?

Harington also posed for a picture with Achatz in the kitchen. If they have a wall, you know that’s going on it. He also signed the sword. “Grant, thanks for the amazing meal.” He is a humble King in the North.

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