Bid on Kristofer Hivju’s signed “Battle of the Bastards” script


If you’re craving Game of Thrones memorabilia now that the show is over, then it doesn’t get much better than this. Norwegian website website is auctioning off a copy of the script for “Battle of the Bastards” signed by Kristofer Hivju, Tormund Giantsbane himself.

If you’ve somehow forgotten, “Battle of the Bastards” is the classic episode where Jon Snow goes head to head with Ramsay Bolton for the rulership of Winterfell. According to, it’s Hivju’s favorite episode. He probably has fond memories of the time he tore open SmallJon Umber’s carotid artery with his teeth.

Mmm, yummy.

Anyway, the script itself is in a serial gold hardcover with Hivju’s signature on the front in black, around little red blotches, which…okay. It looks like the script he used on set, since he’s also highlighted Tormund’s lines and set directions.

The money from the winning bid will go to CARE, which provides quality family care to people all over the world. They offer childcare, senior care, and even pet care. There’s housekeeping, help with creating a business and help with taxes. It’s a pretty awesome cause.


Chicago Cubs Game Of Thrones White Walker Bobblehead
Chicago Cubs Game Of Thrones White Walker Bobblehead /

Chicago Cubs Game Of Thrones White Walker Bobblehead

Buy Now!

Buy Now!

The auction ends on Sunday, October 20. You can put in your bid now! As of this writing, the current top big is for 11,000 Norwegian krone, or about $2,000. No biggee.

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