Disney puts a happy face on Disney+ launch-day problems


Disney+ is finally here! The streaming service, which features mountains of content both new and old, went live this morning, and people are chomping at the bit to see it. The sooner we’re watching The Mandalorian, the happier we’ll be.

Only no, because the service has been beset by technical problems on launch day, according to Variety. The down detector has logged thousands of reports, and people are complaining of error screens and long wait times on the customer service line.

At least Disney has multiple error screens at the ready to keep people reloading the service entertained:

For its part, Disney is asking people to be patient, saying that the issues are due to higher-than-expected demand for the service.

According to The A.V. Club, at first Disney tried to get cute with its bid for patience, tweeting, “You really went to infinity… and beyond!” They deleted that message pretty quickly, which was a good idea. Probably best not to act all light-hearted when people are frustrated.


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But really, I think it was always too much to hope that the rollout of Disney+ would go entirely smoothly. Yes, Disney is a big company with a lot of resources, but the hype for Disney+ was so real. There was never any avoiding a huge glut of people on the first day as Disney scrambled to work out the kinks. I’m sure it’ll calm down before long.

You know what I bet had no technical issues on launch day? Apple TV+. You know what I bet wished people were interested enough for it to have technical problems? Apple TV+.

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