That time Queen Elizabeth visited the Game of Thrones set and had no idea who Kit Harington was


Time for a walk down Game of Thrones memory lane. Remember the time the Queen of England visited the set of the show and stared down the Iron Throne?

Weird times.

Anyway, I bring this up because a clip of Kit Harington (Jon Snow) recalling the encounter on The Graham Norton Show has been circulating lately. With the third season of The Crown just coming out this Sunday, what better time to remember when the actual Elizabeth II came to Westeros?

“They kept trying to get her to sit down on the [Iron] Throne and we kept getting told the same thing: ‘she’s not allowed to sit on other thrones, fictional or otherwise’,” Harington said. Good to see the queen takes her job seriously.

Harington did get to chat with the queen a bit, but only briefly. “And what do you do on this production?” she asked Harington, clearly not never having seen his exploits north of the Wall. “I said, ‘I’m an actor, ma’am,’ and she said, ‘Oh, wonderful,’ and moved on.”

You’ve also gotta love what the queen said about the Iron Throne: “Looks very uncomfortable.” She gets it.

Also part of the interview: Kit Harington recalling how his ancestor, Sir John Harington, invented the flushing toilet. It’s not quite as glamorous becoming king in the North, but honestly, it’s probably more important in the long run.

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