Two-part episodes of Doctor Who will return for season 12

Doctor Who season 12 is gearing up to be quite the exciting batch of episodes! And Whovians will be happy to know that two-part episodes will be making a return, according to a interview with showrunner Chris Chibnall.

I’m very excited for this. Who doesn’t love a story so dense and complex and detailed it has to be told in two episodes? “I love a two-parter,” Chibnall said. “And our two-parters are epic this year. […] We always knew last year would be those 10 standalone stories, and this year we wanted to weave things in a bit more.”

We are so ready for these, Chris. “I think you can tell different types of stories within a Doctor Who two-parter,” he continued. “I love a Doctor Who cliffhanger. […] Obviously even though we didn’t officially do two-parters last year, you could argue that first one [Jodie Whittaker debut episode The Woman Who Fell to Earth] has a cliffhanger into the second. A two-parter that wasn’t a two-parter!”

At this point, it’s unclear how many two-parters we’ll get in season 12, or when we’ll get them. But the point is, we are getting them, which is plenty for now.

Chibnall also teased some of the enemies to come in season 12, which will include a return for the Cybermen, given a frightful new makeover. “Cybermen feel like an important part of the rogues’ gallery and we’ve done something slightly different with them this year–there was a particular story I wanted to tell. They’re just relentless, the Cybermen. They just don’t stop.”

I don’t know about any of you, but Cybermen scare the crap out of me. I can never forget Bill Potts (the 12th Doctor’s final companion) and her “cyber-conversion.”

It may be too early to say, but I have a feeling that season 12 of Doctor Who may be one of the best yet. We’ll find out when the new season begins on New Year’s Day!

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