Doctor Who: Series 12 confirmed to arrive on New Year’s Day!

We finally have a release date for Series 12, and it’s coming back sooner than expected, as Doctor Who returns on New Year’s Day!

Well, that’s a surprise! Yesterday, the BBC revealed exactly when we could expect Series 12 of Doctor Who. Before, they had mentioned that it would come out in “early 2020”. But it wasn’t until yesterday that they confirmed exactly how early: New Year’s Day, exactly one year after the previous episode, Resolution. The rest of the series will be airing on Sundays, as Series 11 did.

This date has been rumored for a while, admittedly. Still, considering how many rumors there are usually around the show, it’s difficult to know what’s true and what’s not, so it’s nice to know that the rumors were on the money this time.

Even better is that, along with the news of the New Year’s Day release date, we’ve also got a brand new trailer to be excited about! Typical, really: you wait all year for one trailer, then all of a sudden, two come along at once! Be sure to check out the new trailer below!


On top of all that, we’ve also learned a few more details about the series opener. We know already that Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry will be starring in this one. We also know that it’ll be a two-part story, so we can look forward to our first cliffhanger in a long while.

But we also have a name for this opening story, as well: Spyfall. With a title like that, we can definitely expect this story to be a huge homage to James Bond movies. And – if the clips of Thirteen in the tuxedo outfit are anything to go by – it looks set to capture some of that blockbuster energy.

The hype is really building up for Series 12. With it coming out even sooner than us fans have hoped for, and with two extremely promising trailers showing off exactly how exciting it’ll be, I’m more eager than ever to watch Jodie Whittaker’s second series as the Thirteenth Doctor!

Are you excited to watch Series 12? Are you glad that it’s coming out virtually as soon as 2020 begins? What do you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below.