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We here at WiC love to write about Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, and all the other fantasy fiction we can get our hands. And with so many TV shows, movies and more coming up in the wake of GoT ending, there’s a lot to talk about.

We’ll talk about it all here, of course, but if you want more of us, we’re creating a new space full of extra goodies: the WiC Club. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Access to one extra article per month — could be an interview, could be an unfiltered musing a little too raw for the main site, could be a recipe for strawberry shortcake…but it probably won’t be that last one.
  • Access to one extra video per month, of the sort of thing we do on Take the Black Live. Again, it might an interview with someone in the field, or a deeper exploration of a topic we don’t have time to go into on the weekly show.
  • Entry into a monthly contest to win a piece of Game of Thrones/fantasy-themed merch, from calendars to figurines to books and beyond!
  • A special WiC Club sticker and handwritten note from yours truly thanking you for joining the club.
  • Every couple of months, I’ll get on Google Hangouts, open a bottle of wine (or beer, or liquor, we’ll just to see) and we’ll have a free-flowing chat about all things Game of Thrones, fantasy and science fiction. It’s called Drinking and Knowing Things, and it’s very real.

And who knows what else we’ll come up with?

And how do you join in the WiC Club? Simple: all you do is purchase a WiC Club tee-shirt from our swag shop. After that, you’ve got a lifetime of articles, videos, and opportunities to win merch coming your way!

We hope you’ll be interested. Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see you around the club!

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