The Last Kingdom star gives us a glimpse of some dialogue from season 4

Image: The Last Kingdom/Netflix
Image: The Last Kingdom/Netflix /

The Last Kingdom wrapped production on its fourth season several months ago, and we’ve gotten a pretty good look behind the scenes thanks to the cast and crew of the medieval Netflix drama. Now, we’ve even gotten a look at the dialogue to come, courtesy of star Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith, wife of the late King Alfred). No outright SPOILERS follow below, but we do have a couple of tantalizing hints!

Apparently, Butterworth is doing ADR (automated dialogue replacement). She posted an image of the process on her Instagram, and it includes a page with a bunch of dialogue on it. The particular scene she’s recording at this moment is from the eighth episode of the upcoming fourth season. We know it’s Episode 8 because of the note at the bottom left-hand corner of the monitor:

Now let’s pull out our magnifying glasses and see what else we can make out!

Butterworth does an admirable job of covering up most of the dialogue, but we can still make out some key bits, mostly towards the bottom of the page. There, we can see:

  • “you to be a tyrant…”
  • “your reward…”
  • “Dearest little one…”

That first line has to be spoken to her son, the recently crowned King Edward. Who might the “dearest little one” be? I’d guess it’s one of Edward’s children; we know there’s a time jump coming for season 4.

Turning to the image, Aelswith’s golden circlet is interesting, as Wessex has never recognized the title of queen. Could Aelswith have an expanded role come season 4?

There are a few other bits of dialogue here, but they’re too blurry for us to make out. Feel free to have at it. Destiny is all!

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