Doctor Who: Jane Asher features in the next series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures

In January, the ninth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures begins, with one of the stories featuring, in her first ever Doctor Who story, Jane Asher!

Next month sees the start of a new series for The Fourth Doctor Adventures. We’ve had some really strong series in the Doctor Who range in recent years – especially The Syndicate Master Plan, an ambitious and epic arc set in the middle of the Fourth Doctor’s life released at the start of 2019.

The next series will take place much later, during the Fourth Doctor’s final season on television. Set during the gap between the classic serials State of Decay and Warriors’ Gate, Series 9 of The Fourth Doctor Adventures features four stories of four episodes each, and will be released across January and February.

For one of the upcoming stories, some exciting casting details have been revealed. Actor and author Jane Asher stars in Chase the Night as Dena, a pilot who will do anything to help her people survive on a planet where daylight kills.

Doctor Who

Chase the Night is available in January as part of the ninth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures.
Image Courtesy Big Finish Production

Jane Asher’s first Doctor Who story

Jane Asher has had an extremely extensive career, to say the least. This isn’t her first dip into the Doctor Who universe – in 2007, she played Sarah Jane’s childhood friend Andrea Yates in the excellent two-part Sarah Jane Adventures story, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?. More recently, she played Elaine in last year’s Torchwood One box set Machines. But this will be the first time she’s been in an actual Doctor Who story. Unsurprisingly, she’s pretty excited about it. Particularly as she’s working with familiar faces.

Obviously, the whole franchise is extraordinary. I’ve been lucky enough to do a Sarah Jane Adventures and a Torchwood in the past, which was lovely, but this is the first sort of proper Doctor Who, with a real Doctor in attendance. It’s wonderful.

Tom Baker and I knew each other at the Bristol Old Vic in the late 1960s, so it’s a treat to work with him again, and with Lalla Ward, too, who I haven’t seen for a long time.

This is quite a major bit of casting for Big Finish. I’m excited to hear what her character’s like in Chase the Night. In fact, the whole of the ninth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures looks set to be an exciting one!

Chase the Night is available to pre-order as a digital download from Big Finish’s website. It is also a part of The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 9 Volume 1, which is available to pre-order on both CD and download.

Are you looking forward to the ninth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures? Have you seen Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, and is it one of your favorites from The Sarah Jane Adventures? Let us know in the comments below.