Evan Rachel Wood: Westworld season 3 is “like a different show”

Westworld season 3 is coming to HBO this March. Evan Rachel Wood, who plays robot-plaything-turned-murderous-avenger Dolores Abernathy, recently talked about the show to IndieWire while promoting her newest film, Kajillionaire. Wood was happy to spill as many beans as she could without getting into trouble with HBO.

“It’s like a different show,” she said. “We just finished season 3, so I know quite a bit. I don’t know how long they plan on carrying it on for, but I know that this season is unlike anything we’ve done. We have new cast members. We have Aaron Paul, Lena Waithe, Vincent Cassel. It just keeps expanding and growing. I’m really excited for people to see where we’ve taken it.”

That might be the first time I’ve seen anyone from Westworld talk about how long the show might remain on the air. I wonder if season 3 ends in a way that could possibly close the show. However long it runs, Wood seems to be all in for the entire ride.

It just knocks me on my ass every season. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the most grueling show to work on. I love it because it pushes me to my limit. I feel the most fulfilled when I’m working on something that is challenging, even though I vent a lot and I’m tired and frustrated — that usually means I’m doing something worthwhile. I can get bored really easily if I’m not challenged enough.

For her part, Kajillionaire director Miranda July was impressed with how Wood was able to change herself both physically and personally for her role as Old Dolio in the movie. “Nothing we could ask her to do on this held a candle to the insane things she does on a regular basis on Westworld,” July said. “I’d be like, ‘Evan, are you okay doing that?’ She’d be like, ‘I’ve ridden bareback being shot at,’ just these crazy stories.”

Westworld season 3 will make its debut on the Ides of March (the 15th). It’ll feature a new Delos park called War World, but what we’re most excited for is watching Dolores — and the brain pearls she smuggled out of the park — will fare in “the real world.”

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