Harry Potter illustrated edition books on sale once again

Harry Potter fans, we have some exciting news for you! If you’ve been looking for a chance to relive J.K. Rowling’s saga over in a new form, you’re in luck: the illustrated editions of the seven classic books are on sale once again, and available through Amazon. I’m not sure if you’ve had a moment to take a look at what these books look like, but wow. Watching the story come to life in the movies is one experience, but reading the original text accompanied by beautiful illustrations by artist Jim Kay is another. It’s pretty breathtaking.

The Harry Potter illustrated edition books are available in hardcover, paperback or on your Kindle, although personally I can’t imagine getting them in any other form than hardcover, but that’s just me. So as long as you clip the coupon (there’s a checkbox on the item page that you need to click), you’ll get the amazing deal Amazon is currently offering on these books. Here’re the links (prices listed below are before tax and after coupon savings):

Now, I call that one heck of a solid deal!

One more time: if you want to buy any of these, remember to click the checkbox to get the coupon savings! We wouldn’t want to forget that, would we?

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