The Witcher casts new witchers for season 2

Netflix is off and running on The Witcher season 2, with filming having begun just the other day. Now, fansite Redanian Intelligence brings us news of new actors coming aboard, both of whom are playing Geralt of Rivia’s colleagues in the witching business.

First up, there’s British actor Paul Bullion as Lambert, the youngest witcher in Geralt’s orbit. Bullion is pretty experienced, having had roles in stuff like Peaky Blinders and The Bastard Executioner. Plus, we already know he can swing a sword but good:

Also, here’s a picture of him watching the Oscars with his dog. Or a dog:

In the books, Lambert is a sharp-tongued witcher who often comes off as rude. It’s a potentially scene-stealing role for Bullion.

Next up, Yasen Atour will play the witcher Coën. Atour has appeared in shows like Dark Heart and Strike Back, although he doesn’t seem to have posted any picture of himself with his pets, so clearly he’s slacking:

In Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels, both Lambert and Coën are introduced in Blood of Elves, which will serve as the basis for season 2. In that book, Geralt takes Ciri to Kaer Morhen, the witchers’ keep, to train her in the ways of the witcher. Lambert and Coën help teach her combat skills.

Lambert and Coën aren’t the only witchers Ciri meets at Kaer Morhen. There’s also Eskel, an old friend of Geralt’s, and Vesemir, the oldest witcher at the keep and Geralt’s mentor. We’re positive that Vesemir will show up, since Geralt mentioned him near the end of season 1 and Netflix is making an animated movie about him to bridge the gap between seasons 1 and 2. There’s also been a fan push to get Mark Hamill to play him, although we don’t know if that’ll come to anything.

Eskel will likely show up, too, although we’ve heard nothing solid about him yet.

As for when we get to see these guys suited up and ready to witch, look out for The Witcher season 2 sometime in 2021.

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