Beautiful drone footage of the lands beyond the Wall, aka Iceland

Here’s something relaxing for you as you power through the middle of your week: remember some of the beautiful landscapes when Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane and others when beyond the Wall on Game of Thrones? The cool air, the endless vistas, the armies of dead men barreling towards you hell bent on ending the human race…calming stuff.

Anyway, much of the scenes beyond the Wall were filmed in Iceland, a country full of natural beauty. Just ask Christian Rudolph, who’s taken to using drones to document it. Take a look:

“There are only two possibilities: you will love it or not,” said Rudolph. Yes, I suppose that does cover all the options, although there’s a lot of grey are in the “not” part. “The nature is so epic, so brutal, a human being feels so small in the huge mountains, glaciers or fjords.”

Iceland is indeed packed full of both glaciers and volcanic landscapes, which is why it’s known as the land of fire and ice, which obviously made it a perfect setting for an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. You don’t argue with synergy like that.

If that was too short, feel free to take in s’more footage of the land of fire and ice as you find your center and tackle the rest of the day:

Okay, back to work. Or I guess you could keep reading stuff:

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