Amazon’s Wheel of Time show gets a composer

Amazon is currently hard at work adapting Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time show for TV. A sprawling epic, The Wheel of Time takes readers on a sweeping journey through a detailed fantasy realm. It’s got sorcery, swordplay, medieval politics, a dark lord…it could be big. Amazon has already put together a pretty terrific-looking cast, and with superfan Rafe Judkins running the show, we’re definitely looking forward to it.

And the show is continuing to staff up. Film Music Reporter has it that Amazon has signed up David Buckley to pen the show’s score. Buckley has done a lot of work in the industry, writing the scores for stuff like The Good WifeThe Forbidden KingdomPapillonAngel Has Fallen and The Stranger. So he’s got the experience, but we hope he brings his absolute A-game to The Wheel of Time, because a great fantasy epic needs a great soundtrack.

In other behind-the-camera news, fansite The Wheel of Time TV Series has found the CV for director Ciaran Donnelly and learned that he’ll be directing the show’s season 1 finale. We already knew Donnelly was involved with the show — he tweeted as much about a month back — but it’s good to know the specifics.

Donnelly has cut his teeth on shows like Vikings and Altered Carbon. If The Wheel of Time blows up like we think it will, Donnelly’s career could grow with it.

With filming going well, it’s possible The Wheel of Time could release this year, but if I had to guess I’d place my bets on 2021.

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