First look at a new enemy in The Last Kingdom season 4

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Although we still don’t have a release date for season 4 of The Last Kingdom, cast members have hinted we’ll know very soon. As we wait, behind-the-scenes images from the upcoming season continue to pour in. This time, we have our first look at a new enemy Uhtred and crew will have to contend with. Be sure to click over to the second image in the Instagram post below!

Troops clothed in red cloaks advance. If you’re read The Saxon Stories, the Bernard Cornwell novels on which The Last Kingdom is based, these may look familiar. In the books, the troops of Lord Æthelhelm (Adrian Schiller) wore distinctive red cloaks, and are the only faction in England to do so as a group. It’s pretty likely that’s who we’re looking at here.

We got to know Lord Æthelhelm briefly during season 3, as his daughter Aelflaed (Amelia Clarkson) married Edward (Timothy Innes) before he ascended to the throne. Based on the well-ordered look of those troops, as well as the faded Christian crosses adorning their shields and cloaks, there can be no doubt these troops belong to Lord Æthelhelm, Wessex’s richest man.

Also, shoutout to Joseph Millson, Uhtred’s dastardly Uncle Aelfric, for chiming in on the Twitter post:

When we talked to him, Innes hinted at tension between Edward and Uhtred in season 4. It seems we might be getting our first look at that here. Uhtred and Æthelhelm should be allies on account of their shared loyalty to Edward, but Æthelhelm wishes to see his own grandchildren on the throne of Wessex one day, rather than Edward’s children through his first brief marriage. Æthelhelm even hinted to Edward’s mother Aelswith that the children should be executed to make things easier for his own grandkids.

That’s the genesis of the conflict, at any rate. And it looks like it will come to battle.

In happier news, Last Kingdom star Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred) has landed a new gig. ScreenDaily reports that Dreymon will play the lead in the upcoming film Infidel, co-starring Grammy-nominated Mexican actor and singer Maite Perroni. Dreymon will play “a hardened Philadelphia criminal and war veteran who finds himself banished to a corrupt Mexican town when a job goes wrong.”

So no swords and armor for Dreymon this time. Destiny is all!

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