The next Walking Dead will bring back a character not seen in years

The Walking Dead is going to air yet another emotional episode this Sunday, marking yet another character farewell. The time has come to say goodbye to Danai Gurira’s Michonne, and I don’t think any of us are ready. She’s been along for this ride since the (very end of the) show’s second season, and it just seems impossible to think of the show without her.

I’m still trying to process Andrew Lincoln’s exit, and now we have to deal with this. The hits just keep coming!

But at least The Walking Dead won’t send off this beloved character without some epic throwbacks/flashbacks. Speaking of which, the opening minutes of the upcoming episode, “What We Become,” give us the return of a long-unseen character. Watch below!

Welcome back, Andrea (Laurie Holden)!

I’ll be the first to admit that Andrea wasn’t my favorite Walking Dead character when she was around. I wasn’t that upset when she was killed off, but she does have a special connection with Michonne, so it’s appropriate to bring her back for the character’s farewell episode.

And there’s something very interesting about this preview plays out. In the sneak peek, we see Andrea running through the woods, taking us back to the season 2 finale after the gang had to flee Hershel’s farm. Originally, Michonne came along and rescued Angela from a bunch of walkers, but this time, she and her two pet walkers (oh man, remember them?) turn and walk away, leaving Angela be attacked and presumably killed.

Dang, Michonne, it’s like that?!

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that this opening scene is going to be one of many “what-if” flashback moments. Perhaps we’ll get an episode showing Michonne’s life would have been different had she never saved Angela or joined the group.

The promo for this Walking Dead episode also shows Michonne holding Negan’s barbed wire bat and pointing it in the same manner he did during that awful, awful episode at the end of season 6. If Michonne never joined this group, would she have wound up like Negan? Mind blown.

While this episode isn’t necessarily being advertised as Michonne’s final episode, all signs point to it. Plus, we’ve barely seen her all season and now there’s suddenly a Michonne-centric episode with flashbacks. I think we’re definitely in “saying goodbye” territory. Nenai Gurira will definitely be missed.

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