Doctor Who’s Jo Martin confirms she is NOT the next Doctor

Doctor Who fans may still be reeling from the epic rollercoaster that was season 12. It felt like we were getting twists and turns all over the place, and as a Whovian, I was happy to be along for the ride. Apart from learning the truth behind the Doctor’s creation, we met another version of the character. Another female version, that is.

Jo Martin became the second woman to play the Doctor on the show, but she was a regeneration we had never seen before, not in the classic Doctor Who nor the 2005 reboot. As we learned in season 12, the Doctor’s regenerations started well before the Doctor we considered to be the first, the one played by William Hartnell. Jo Martin’s Doctor comes from a time before even those early days.

The reveal came as a surprise for Whovians across the world, and many had strong feelings about it. Specifically, a lot of them wondered whether Jo Martin was just playing Doctor, or if she was going to be the Doctor going forward.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Martin confirmed that she is NOT the next Doctor, and rather just “a Doctor”.

The thing is, not everyone saw the episode when it went out, but suddenly they saw all the publicity that blew up around it and read it in the papers or saw it on social media. It meant they didn’t get to see the reveal first-hand, which, for me, was the best part. They were like, ‘You’re the new Doctor!’ And I’m like, ‘Well… I’m not the new Doctor. I’m a Doctor. You’ll have to watch the episode.’

While she may not be the next Doctor, I loved Martin’s brief stint as the titular character. I’d love to see her come back in some way to team up alongside Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. Their Doctor duo reminds me of when David Tennant and Matt Smith came together for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.”

Hopefully that’s something we can look forward to in lucky season 13!

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