Doctor Who news: Captain Jack finally meets River Song in The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 3 – Out now!

What happens when Captain Jack Harkness meets the Doctor’s wife? Today, we finally find out, as the third volume of Doctor Who audio spin-off The Lives of Captain Jack is released today!

It’s long overdue, but it’s finally happening: today, Captain Jack Harkness meets the Doctor’s wife, River Song! No, it’s not happening on television (it is a wonder that these two distinctive characters never met on-screen). But it is happening, unsurprisingly, thanks to Big Finish, in the third volume of Doctor Who audio spin-off The Lives of Captain Jack.

If you’ve never listened to or even heard of the series before, let me sum up the general concept of the series. Yes, Captain Jack Harkness already has his own spin-off on television, specifically Torchwood. So that series at least has shown us plenty of Jack outside of Doctor Who. (And we do mean plenty.)

But he’s also had an extremely long life. We know that he’s essentially immortal, and he’s done so many things and had so many lives. Away from the Doctor, away from even Torchwood, Captain Jack has had a lot of fun on his own over the years.

The Lives of Captain Jack explores his solo adventures, filling in some of the gaps in both Doctor Who and Torchwood. As such, it’s an anthology series that features not only a lot of variety, but also many familiar faces – two of which feature in this box set.

Three different adventures

Produced by James Goss and directed by Scott Handcock, The Lives of Captain Jack Volume Three gives us three brand new stories for our favorite trenchcoat-wearing captain.

Opening episode Crush by Guy Adams has Jack reuniting with Jackie Tyler. They previously met in Wednesdays For Beginners from the first volume of the series. This time, Jack takes Mrs Tyler away from the Powell Estate to enjoy a luxury cruise. A luxury cruise in space, naturally.

We don’t know much about Mighty & Despair by Tim Foley, only that it focuses on “two travelers looking for a mythical hero” on another world. But considering how many great stories Tim Foley has given us so far – particularly in Torchwood – this looks set to be a pretty solid story.

But the big headliner for the box set is R&J by James Goss. Again, we don’t know much about this one, at least in terms of the story. But it features the long-awaited combination of River Song and Captain Jack. That in itself makes it a must-listen.

The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume Three is out now on CD and download directly from Big Finish’s website.

Are you excited about Jack finally meeting River? Is this a meeting that should have happened on TV? Have you listened to previous volumes of The Lives of Captain Jack? Let us know in the comments below.