Rory and Amy Pond return in a new Doctor Who scene written by Neil Gaiman

Doctor Who has done it again, Whovians! We’ve got a new story, or rather a new scene courtesy of American Gods author Neil Gaiman. And lucky for us, the new scene stars none other than Arthur Darvill, who played the beloved Rory Williams.

Before I set the stage for what the scene is about, let me explain how it came to fruition. As of late, the Doctor Who fandom has come together to host massive virtual watch parties, with past and present cast and crew members tuning in and sometimes providing additional content. Gaiman, who wrote the season 6 episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” is the latest to join the party. He wrote this short scene ahead of this episode rewatch, to give fans a little bit more of Rory and Amy. The scene takes place in 1946, and Rory is the only human to own a smartphone in the time period. So he uses it to his advantage and records a sweet video for his and Amy’s future son.

Fans will clutch their hearts as they hear Amy’s voice in the background asking Rory to help paint the baby’s room. Isn’t it nice to see they’re doing so well?

This sweet scene doesn’t just fill in a gap in Amy and Rory’s life, but is also a message for all of us during these dark times. Rory tells his future son that he’s impressed by people and how they can get through so much by being brave and optimistic; a little touch of inspiration for those feeling a bit down these days!

The rest of the video is Rory sharing his and Amy’s crazy adventures (including his multiple deaths) and how they ended up where they are now. I’ve always loved Rory and Amy and often rewatch their episodes, so this was great.

Keep the extra Doctor Who content coming!

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