WiC Watches: The Last Kingdom season 4

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Image: The Last Kingdom/Netflix

Hold fast, arselings! The Last Kingdom Season 4 is upon us, with ten new episodes full of blood and glory! We’re certain that Netflix and The Last Kingdom showrunners have packed each installment with entire wagonloads of political tension, conspiracies, romances, bromances and epic battlefield action.

Surely some questions haunting us from season 3 will be answered. With Alfred gone, can Edward and Uhtred manage to keep Wessex defended from the Dane hordes? Will Uhtred and Aethelflaed finally hook up for good? What new Saxon/Dane heroes and villains might appear?

Are you ready? Come and watch the fourth season of The Last Kingdom with us, and let’s discuss as we go. Gather the fyrd, lords and ladies — destiny is all!