Doctor Who news: The Ninth Doctor will face Vampires in the Time Lord Victorious comics

The Ninth Doctor and Rose will return in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, where they’ll take part in a brand new adventure connected to multi-platform event Time Lord Victorious.

In recent months, we’ve been gradually getting a bigger picture of Time Lord Victorious, the multi-platform event due to start later this year. BBC Books and Titan Comics will focus on the Tenth Doctor, at different points in his life. Big Finish audios will mainly focus on Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor during the event.

But how will the Ninth Doctor feature? We’ve known that he will be a key player since the initial announcement, but what we didn’t know was how his Doctor would be included. We eventually found out about his appearance in All Flesh is Grass, the upcoming novel by Una McCormack that will also feature the Eighth and Tenth Doctors. However, we now know that he and Rose will be getting a story of their own, in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

Set to begin in issue 556, Monstrous Beauty will be a three-part comic story written by Scott Gray and with artwork by John Ross, with James Offredi and Roger Langridge working on color art and lettering, respectively. It will begin with a double-length chapter that will be in a special supplement magazine supplied with issue 556. For people wanting to follow the whole storyline of Time Lord Victorious, this supplement sounds like an essential item, as it will also feature articles on its various stories in other media.

For this story, the Ninth Doctor will be joined by his companion Rose for this special tie-in to Time Lord Victorious.
Courtesy BBC

The Dark Times

So what can we expect from this story? Here’s what Scott Gray had to say about it.

The Ninth Doctor and Rose find themselves in a place where no TARDIS is ever supposed to go – the Dark Times, an ancient era forbidden to all Time Lords. They’re soon swept up in a war with one of the greatest enemies of the Doctor’s people: the Great Vampires.

Time Lords versus Vampires. This is actually something that’s been a key part of Doctor Who mythology for decades, ever since Tom Baker story State of Decay, but has barely been explored. So it’ll be fantastic to explore the ancient war between the Time Lords and the Great Vampires in-depth.

What’s just as exciting is knowing how Monstrous Beauty ties into the Time Lord Victorious arc, as Scott Gray reveals.

I’ve had a great time throwing ideas around with [producer James Goss]. His brief was: ‘Ninth Doctor, Rose, Vampires!’ Monstrous Beauty can be read as a standalone adventure, but if you look further into the Time Lord Victorious storyline you’ll see how it connects with the other strands.

Now that definitely sounds intriguing. We can’t wait to read this story when it’s published in Doctor Who Magazine, beginning with issue 556, on sale in September.

Are you looking forward to reading more comic stories with the Ninth Doctor and Rose? Do you think the war between the Time Lords and the Great Vampires is worth exploring? And do you have any ideas as to how this story could tie into Time Lord Victorious? Let us know in the comments below.