Game of Thrones: The Complete Series 4K Ultra HD boxset is coming?

HBO has already put out a Blu-ray collection of all eight seasons of Game of Thrones. They’ve also put out the first season in 4K Ultra HD, so you can see every single hair on Ned Stark’s head as the headsman’s axe comes down.

However, they haven’t put out a full series boxset in 4K Ultra HD. Think of what we’re missing. We can’t see every detail of the inside of Davos Seaworth’s mouth. We can’t examine the individual stitches on all of Cersei’s gowns. But that may about to change.

Multiple sites, including The Digital Bits and the German-language site 4K Filmeare reporting that a listing for a 4K Ultra HD version of Game of Thrones: The Complete Series appeared on Bust Buy’s website, although apparently it’s gone now. There was no release date listed, but the price was $209.99. That’s high, but Game of Thrones: The Complete Series is currently selling on Amazon for $179.96, and a different version with fancy packing is going for $194.99, so the pricing is at least basically consistent with what’s come before.

They better throw in a little dragon fidget spinner or something, though. At the least, the box art had best be epic. We don’t know what it looks like yet.

Anyway, I can believe that something like this is on the way. Christmas gift list, ahoy.

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