Epic map shows all the characters’ journeys at the start of The Winds of Winter


George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is told from the perspective of dozens of different characters, some of whom have remained in the same place for pretty much the whole story, and others who have criss-crossed Westeros and Essos several times over. Five books in, these characters have logged some serious miles.

But who’s traveled the farthest? Redditor Devildare581 shared this map tracing the journeys of every single viewpoint character we’ve met so far through to the end of A Dance with Dragons, so this is how far they’ve gone at the beginning of The Winds of Winter, the upcoming sixth book in the series. If you want to get up close and personal with it, click here.

"[SPOILERS PUBLISHED] Map showing journeys of all major characters from asoiaf"

Those are a lot of colored lines; look closely and you’ll see characters’ names running along with them. When there are two viewpoint characters traveling on the same path, like Jon and Tyrion going from Winterfell to Castle Black in A Game of Thrones, the lines are made up of two alternating colors. You gotta appreciate the attention to detail.

As for who’s traveled the farthest, it’s hard to say. Daenerys Targaryen is the obvious answer. In the first book especially, she can cover a lot of distance between chapters; just look at how many places she visited on her initial journey from Pentos to Vaes Dothrak. And many of the places she’s gone have been unique in the series; no other viewpoint character has yet visited them.

That said, she has some competition, particularly among some of the many characters currently gathering around her. Tyrion Lannister has had a long journey, from the Wall to King’s Landing to Pentos to Meereen. Victarion Greyjoy has traveled a long way for someone introduced pretty recently in the series, and we can’t count out Sam Tarly’s long journey from the Wall to Oldtown. There are also some characters who haven’t traveled as far as you might expect them to given how many chapters they’ve had, like Jon Snow or Bran Stark.

And just to keep the map fun going, check out this detailed breakdown of what houses control what lands at the start of The Winds of Winter:

"Map of Westeros at the start of TWOW [Spoilers TWOW] from asoiaf"

And finally, a very cool map of Westeros done in the style of Chinese art:

"[NO SPOILERS] Chinese Westeros map art from gameofthrones"

Of course, now the question becomes when we can actually expect to read The Winds of Winter and make use of these maps. The answer remains murky, but when we finally get it, we’ll be ready.

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