Disney making Star Wars show about Darth Maul and Qi’ra from Solo?

Image: Solo: A Star Wars Story
Image: Solo: A Star Wars Story /

Another day, another rumor about a Star Wars show on Disney+. This time it’s about Darth Maul, featuring Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra, her Solo character.

The Mandalorian, the first-ever Star Wars spinoff show, is a hit on Disney+. Cheered by this success, Disney has apparently decided to make nothing but Star Wars shows from now on, because it feels like we hear about a new one every day.

Or at least, we hear rumors. We know we’re getting a show about Obi-Wan Kenobi, a show about Cassian Andor from Rogue One, and an animated series about the Bad Batch, clone troopers introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We’ve heard rumors that fellow Clone Wars veteran Ahsoka Tano is getting her own show, that popular extended universe character Grand Admiral Thrawn is starring in his own series, and that Donald Glover could return to the role of Lando Calrissian for a new outing.

Clearly, the Star Wars TV rumor mill is out of control, and here’s another one for you: according to its “insider sources,” The Direct Beta is reporting that Disney is working on a show about Darth Maul, also featuring Game of Thrones veteran Emilia Clarke back as Han Solo’s childhood friend Qi’ra, whom she played in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

If you’ve only ever seen the Star Wars movies, you might remember Maul as the devil-looking guy with the double-bladed lightsaber whom Obi-Wan Kenobi chopped in half in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. But he had a long life after that in shows like The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, nursing his grudge against Obi-Wan and becoming the leader of a crime syndicate called the Crimson Dawn.

Then, at the very end of Solo, it was revealed that — gasp — Qi’ra was actually working for Maul. The movie set itself up for more developments to come, but then Solo only did so-so at the box office, Disney went back to the drawing board, and now all new Star Wars movies have been delayed, so…

Maybe they decided the best place to continue this story was on TV, rather than the big screen?

As usual, treat this rumor with all appropriate skepticism. Until there’s official confirmation from Disney or Clarke or someone, this is just an idea.

One part of me finds it hard to believe that Disney would be keen to make this many Star Wars shows. I mean, are they not worried about overexposure? Apparently not, because even without the rumored shows, there are still plenty of Star Wars series on the way. That’s why it’s not hard to believe there are others we may not know about; clearly Disney is all for piling on.

Remember when Disney said that Star Wars would be going on “hiatus” for a while after The Rise of Skywalker? Guess that didn’t work out.

You know what: I’m gonna start my own rumor about a Star Wars show and see if it gets around. Disney is making a series about R2-D2’s angsty teenage years aboard Queen Amidala’s Royal Starship. Pass it on.

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian season 2 premieres in October. I think a lot of these rumors may be cleared up then, depending on what guest stars show up.

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