CBS All Access may change name to Paramount+, because why not be dull?

How can CBS All Access compete in the streaming game with heavy hitters like Netflix and Disney+? Here comes a name change.

Streaming services are in a constant war for our dollars and attention right now, and everyone is trying to do whatever they can to stand out. According to the Financial Times, ViacomCBS’ strategy is to make itself sound as boring as possible by changing the name of its streaming service, CBS All Access, to Paramount+.

Now, to be fair, this isn’t a sure thing, although ViacomCBS is already using the Paramount+ name in some overseas markets, so it wouldn’t be surprising. I don’t think “CBS All Access” is the best name, but if you’re gonna change it, do you really wanna go with “Paramount+” when Disney+ and Apple TV+ already exist? Bandwagon jumper much?

I stand by this: NBCUniversal has the best name for a streaming service so far: Peacock. It’s playful, it’s distinctive, it says “NBC” without copying anyone else…C’mon, how do you beat that?

Maybe ViacomCBS just wants to go with something proven to work. I’d rather they be more creative, but that can go wrong; I don’t know if I’m ever going to like the name “HBO Max.”

Anyway, the name change is part of ViacomCBS’ strategy to make its streaming service more of a competitor to the Netflixes and Hulus of the world. So far, CBS All Access is mainly notable for being the place to watch the approximately 30,000 Star Trek series either on the way or already available. But they’ve been expanding lately, as for example by making the entirety of SpongeBob Squarepants available to stream.

Will the potential switch to “Paramount+” hurt them? Help them? The logo should be better, at least; who doesn’t like the little stars circling over the mountain?

In any case, the name change is expected to go into effect in 2021.

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